How to calibrate the OHAUS SJX1502N/E

Dale Bales

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Note: Before calibrating make sure you have at least 1000 g of calibration weights (required, 1500 g is ideal) and gloves (recommended).

Step 1: Ensure the balance is level with no obstructions to the weighing pan.

Step 2: Hold the Tare/Menu key until the display shows MENU.

Step 3: Release the key and press the Zero/Yes key when the display shows CAL.

Step 4: Press Yes again after the display shows SPAN. 

Step 5: After the display flashes the calibration weight (default of 1500 g), place the corresponding weight(s) on the pan.

Step 6: The display will show -C- while calibrating and DONE when calibration is complete.

Step 7: Remove the weight(s), turn the balance off and on again, and place the weights back on the weighing pan to verify the calibration was successful.

If the calibration was not successful, start again at step 1.

For further instructions contact our team through the live chat or by phone at 616-622-2100.

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